A new project: Center for Computer...

University of Zagreb has awarded a new project under title "Center for Computer Vision", which has been financed from the University of Zagreb Fund for development. The project coordinator is professor Sven Loncaric from the Image Processing Group at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing.

Members of the Center are professors and doctoral students from four departments at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing and six other schools at the University of Zagreb (Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering, Faculty of Graphic Arts, Faculty of Kinesiology, Faculty of Forestry, and Faculty of Geodesy)

The main goal of the project is to establish the Center for Computer Vision that will involve or researchers in this area at the University of Zagreb. The most important specific goals are organizational structure of the Center, promotion at the national and international levels, support of the conference travel, transfer of knowledge and technology towards industry, organization of research seminars and the annual workshop of the Center.

Author: Sven Lončarić
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