Automated Visual inspection

Automated Visual Inspection


  • Sven Lončarić
  • Ivan Tabaković
  • Tomislav Petković
  • Luka Posilović
  • Dragutin Hrenek
  • Krešimir Bešenić
  • Darko Jurić


Project duration



The project is funded by EGO-Elektrokontakt.


Visual inspection and quality control is a required component of any modern production line. For high-volume production visual inspection must be fully automated and integrated into the production line.

The aim of this project is to develop customized image processing algorithms and complete visual inspection systems that can be used to improve the manufacturing process in the Elektrokontakt's manufacturing plant.


The main result of the project is a software application for Windows environment that provides a visual programming environment for easy creation and customization of visual quality inspection for industrial automation. The software appliction can use a variety of industrial cameras for image acquisition. The software includes a library of image processing and image analysis functions that can be used to create complex procedures for visual inspection in real-time. The software has already been applied for visual inspection in factories in several countries.