On this page you can find the names of undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students who were advised by Prof. Loncaric during their study. The list contains topics of their projects and theses and graduation years.

PhD Theses

  • Nikola Banić, Real-time Retinex-based and learning-based methods for computational color constancy with high accuracy, 2016
  • Hrvoje Kalinić, Registration and model based analysis of transaortic valvular flow ultrasound images, 2012
  • Goran Salamunićcar, 2012
  • Tomislav Petković, Visual tracking and reconstruction of 3D curves in medical image analysis, 2010
  • Marko Subašić, Automatic image analysis for personal identification documents, 2007

Master of Science Theses

  • Krešimir Dekanić, 3-D deformable model for analysis of tree structures, 2010
  • Tomislav Petković, Catheter motion tracking from fluoroscopy image sequence, 2006
  • Hrvoje Bogunovic, Blood flow analysis from angiogram image sequence, 2005
  • Marko Subasic, Geometric deformable models for medical image analysis, 2003
  • Srisheela Devabhaktuni, Elastic brain image registration using mutual information, 2003, (New Jersey Institute of Technology)
  • Domagoj Kovacevic, Deformable models for medical image analysis, 2002
  • Miroslav Koncar, Distributed information systems for electronic health record management, 2002
  • Ivan Vrancic, Pattern recognition for financial data analysis, 2002
  • Zoran Bijuk, Face recognition from multi-pose image sequence, 2002
  • Zdravko Liposcak, Prediction and verification for face detection, 2000
  • Zeljko Devcic, Methods for image degradation system identification, 1998
  • Dubravko Cosic, Computed tomography image analysis, 1996

Master of Engineering, Diploma of Engineering Theses

More than 200 students mentored by the members of Image Processing Group.