Research Seminar

Research seminar brings together doctoral students in the Image Processing Group and is an opportunity to present and discuss the latest research results and brainstorm ideas.

  • 29.11.2019. Capsule neural networls, Ivana Zadro
  • 27.09.2019. Segmentation and quantification of retinal microvasculature for diabetic retinopathy, Julian Lo
  • 20.09.2019. Using Spark for crunching astronomical data on LSST scale, Petar Zečević
  • 06.09.2019. Computational Color Consistency, Karlo Koščević
  • 24.07.2019. Analysis of Panoramic Dental X-Ray Images for Use in Forensic Work, Denis Milošević
  • 05.07.2019. Fitting a model to several images of a moving star (Multifit), Petar Zečević