Self-balancing Vehicle with Single Wheel

Self-balancing Vehicle with Single Wheel


  • Prof. Dr. Sc. Damir Seršić

  • mag. ing. ict. Igor Brkić

  • mag. ing. eit. Lovre Bošnjak

  • mag. ing. eit. Vedrana Baličević

  • mag. ing. eit. Mirna Bokšić

  • mag. ing. eit. Maja Bellotti

  • mag. ing. eit. Maja Štimac


Short Description

The aim of the project was to develop personal self-balancing single-wheel vehicle, which fulfills these requirements: small dimensions, mass and energy consumption, with the possibility of charging the battery from a regular network port or a renewable source. Regulatory and adaptational algorithms and the digital signal processing allow the drive of the vehicle with no learning period.


A functional prototype of the vehicle, shown in Figure 1, was developed during the project.

Figure 1. First prototype

The vehicle consists of these parts:

  1. lithium-ferro phosphate batteries

  2. sensor system for tilt detection implemented as an electronic printed circuit board with accelerometers and gyroscopes

  3. processor - the central computer system which performs all necessary processing of the data received from sensors

  4. wheel wi th an electric motor located in its center