Research & Development Projects


Retinal Image Analysis of Diabetic Patients

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EEG Signal Analysis of PTSP Patients

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Methods and System for Automated Visual Inspection of Products

In 2011 a research and deveopment project was initiated between Elektro-kontakt d.o.o. and the Image Processing Group at Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing with a goal of developing fully automated visual inspection systems to support large-scale manufacture at Elektro-kontakt d.o.o. ... More

Cardiac Doppler Ultrasound Image Processing and Analysis

Analysis of cardiac ultrasound images is an important tool for diagnosis of cardiac diseases. The hypothesis of the research project is that Doppler ultrasound images of aortic outflow velocity profiles have different features for healthy and diseased cases. More

Intelligent Methods for Image Processing and Analysis

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Detection of Vegetation for Traffic Applications

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Self-Balancing Vehicle with Single Wheel

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panoVRama - A System for Multi-Projector Tiled Visualizations

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Virtual Physiological Human Network of Excellence

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Image Processing Methods and Algorithms for Embedded Systems in Automotive Industry

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Face Image Analysis for Biometric Applications

An R&D project between Siemens, AG, and the Image Processing Group at Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, has been started with a goal of developing document face image validation methodology and software application to verify validity of face photographs to be used for machine recognition. The validation is done according to ICAO recommendations. More

Real-Time Catether Tracking for Intravascular Interventions using C-Arm Imaging Device

In 2005 golas of the existing research and development project between Philips Medical Systems, Netherlands, and the Image Processing Group at Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, were extended to include development of a real-time guidewire tracking and 3D reconstruction system... More

Functional X-ray Neuro Image Analysis

In 2004 a research and development project was initiated between Philips Medical Systems, Netherlands, and the Image Processing Group at Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, with the goal of developing image analysis methodology and software for analysis of neuro x-ray images... More

COST Action B21 - Physiological Modelling of MR Image Formation

Dr. Loncaric is Croatian national coordinator for the European COST project Action B21. The main objective of the action is to establish how software technology based on the development of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), simulation techniques and data processing algorithms can offer a flexible and economically feasible environment for the modelling of tissue physiology. This is an innovative idea which could have a dramatic and exciting outcome, opening up the detailed characterisation of disease processes by MR and other imaging methods. For more information please contact Dr. Loncaric.

Automated Visual Inspection of Plastic Products

The goal of this project is to develop image analysis methodology and a machine vision system for automated visual inspection of plastic products. The project is conducted through collaboration between Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing and Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, University of Zagreb.

3-D Quantification of Intracerebral Brain Hemorrhage

This three-year (1995-1998) interdisciplinary project developed methods and procedures for quantitative analysis of CT brain images. The project was financed by National Institutes of Health, USA, and by Croatian Ministry of Science and Technology. The most challenging aspect of the project was development of effective techniques for segementation of CT head images.

CEEPUS Project: Virtual Endoscopy

A CEEPUS (Central European Exchange Program for University Studies) network of institutions has been initiated in 1997 to foster colaboration in the area of virtual reality applications in medicine and techniques for digital mammography.

Methods for Segmentation of Medical Images

A project about techniques for medical image segementation has been started in 1997. The two-year project is supported by Croatian and Slovenian ministries for science and technology.

CEEPUS Project: 2-D and 3-D Segmentation of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm

Image analysis of abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) is important for successful diagnosis and treatment. A one year research project on 2-D deformable models (snakes) for AAA segmentation of CT volume data started in 1998 and was supported by CEEPUS program. More

Research activites in AAA image analysis continued within a project on 3-D deformable models (baloons) for AAA segmentation of spiral 3-D CT images. The project started in 1999 and was supported by CEEPUS program. More

PAPYRUS Service - Electronic Journal Publishing System

PAPYRUS Service is a one-year project supported by the Information Technology Program of the Ministry of Science, Education, and Sports, Croatia. The project aim was to extend Papyrus web system system for electronic management and publishing of scientific journals. The extension will enable other journals to use Papyrus system for online publishing.

CHAIRMAN - A Web System for Management of Scientific Conferences

CHAIRMAN is a one-year project supported by the Information Technology Program of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Croatia. The project aim was to design a system for manuscript submission and review process for scientific conferences. The system manages all communication between the participants in the process of conference program creation including authors, reviewers, members of the program committee, and other participants.

Virtual Reality Modeling Language

The one-year project to build an expert kernel of knowledge related to virtual reality modeling language (VRML) and its applications was started in February 1997. The project was supported by Croatian Academic and Research Network.

Web-based System for Medical Teleconsultation

This project is about developing a web-based system for medical teleconsultation. The system will help better connect physicians located in remote areas far from large medical centers.